Beadlock Pro is a silica based liquid polymer that bonds to paint at the molecular level - lasting up to 4 years! It leaves your vehicle with unrivalled gloss and hydrophobic properties, eliminates the need to wax, is more scratch resistant than your clear coat, and makes the vehicle easier to clean! What's not to love?


Beadlock Pro Ceramic Coating 

Protect your investment with Beadlock Pro.

This is one decision you'll never regret.

Starting at $1,100 +

*Vehicle subject to inspection prior to booking

Coating Specs:

  • Hardness: >9H

  • pH resistance: 2-13

  • Durability: up to 4 years 

  • Thickness: single layer 2-3 microns 

  • Contact angle: 108° 



Before a ceramic coating can be applied, the paint must be free of defects and prepped appropriately, therefore a Full Detail and Paint Correction is included.

Other Benefits:

Extreme Gloss
- nano technology boosts the gloss to insane levels!
Hydrophobicity - water will bead off the paint like you've never seen before!
UV Protection - provides critical protection from the sun's harmful UV rays
​Scratch Resistance - the coating is harder than your vehicle's clear coat, meaning it will resist scratches and door dings
Self-cleaning Properties - Dirt, dust and other road fallout are naturally repelled, making it far easier to wash the vehicle!
Durability - Lasts between 3-4 years!!


Ceramic Wheel Protection 

Starting at $200

• Remove Wheels
• Apply BEADLOCK ceramic coating to wheels inside/out.

1 Year Protection